Wedding Wednesday- DIY Veil

I wanted to share a couple wedding DIY's I did for this week's Wedding Wednesday!
So after trying on pretty much every veil style with my dress I realized that a cathedral length raw edge veil complimented my dress (I wanted the main focus to be on my fab Vera dress) and would be perfect for the ceremony. For the reception I chose a birdcage for our entrance. However, the $150/each price tag was extremely outrageous. I did some research and realized I could make the same thing for around $12 total. Yes, $12!!!!! So with the help of my bridesmaids one Saturday afternoon, that's exactly what we did!
First up, I went to Hobby Lobby to the tulle section. There was two types of tulle, regular (matte) and bridal. Bridal was almost glittery and slightly more expensive (I think about $1.09/yard compared with .89/yard) I ended up going with the bridal. But I think the regular would have been fine as well. I bought 4 yards and had a 40% off coupon. I also purchased a package of plastic combs and ivory thread. 
I read this tutorial becasue it was extremly indepth and there is no need for me to recreate the wheel here.
This was my final outcome:
image by cocotran
image by cocotran

And for the birdcage veil, I followed this tutorial and purchased 1/2 yard of bridal netting which can be found at joanns. 

image by cocotran

Out of the two veils, the birdcage was way easier (not that the other was hard) but I whipped it up in around 20 minutes and thought it was a fun change for the reception (I also added the J.Crew bow belt to my reception look). Overall I was super happy with both and glad I saved the money.


Miss Mary said...

You did an amazing job on both veils! Your pictures are just stunning. I also made my own veil! I also couldn't imagine spending the money when it would be easy to make one. Great job!

Christine said...

Omg you look gorgeous!! And yay to saving money!

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